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Fenwick's has always been about creating innovative, simple and effective solutions for consumers to solve everyday problems. They are outdoor enthusiasts and take a very positive attitude towards product development, encompassing both their customers', and their own impact on the environment. Fenwick's have lead the way in reducing their and your carbon footprint for over 20 years with their biodegradable concentrates. They are now redefining performance-oriented biodegradable chain lubes.Our love for competition was developed at a very early age, being twins really instilled a sense of teamwork and yet fuelled a desire to win.

Having backgrounds in domestic and international competition across a wide variety of cycling disciplines, Fenwick's appreciate the sacrifices and discipline needed to succeed. This is why they have supported individual racers, clubs, teams and race events for many years.

Cycling for Fenwick's is all about the adventure, freedom and the unknown. The excitement, the adrenaline, the achievement that cycling gives, is unlike any other sport.

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